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Alumni advantages

From Elisava Alumni we want to focus on professional development and on the feeling of a community between students, former students, teachers and staff of the School. We offer Alumni Bold the following services.

Job Placement

Whether you are looking for a placement, you can offer one, or you would like to share a professional project, our Job Placement offers you the opportunity to be part of one of the most important databases of the sector. Firms resort to ELISAVA because it has the widest list of graduates in Design, Technical Architecture, and Engineering of the territory.

Access to School's Facilities

Making use of the Mock-up and Prototype Studio

You can make use of ELISAVA’s Prototype Studio in order to develop your personal projects, just as when you were a student. Among the services of digital manufacturing, you will be able to use the laser cutting machine* for an hour a week, and the 3D printer for 50€ per piece (a tax that must be paid to Administration Department of the School). The CNC milling machine is for student use only.


Borrowing documents from the Enric Bricall Library

ELISAVA’s library is one of the broadest documentary collections in design of our country. As Alumni, you can consult its batch, but if you are Alumni Bold you will be able to borrow any document you are interested in. Other services.


Access to ELISAVA's computers, with specialised programmes

The School has eleven computer rooms equipped with more than 100 Macs and 150 PCs with a specific software to develop design and engineering projects. If you are Alumni Bold, you will have a user in order to work in the School's facilities. To get this user and the password for the computers you must make a request to


Photography Set

ELISAVA has a photography studio equipped with cameras and lights to make still lives of your projects. If you want to book the Photography Set you must call ELISAVA (933 174 715), and ask for MediaLab

Alumni Activities

Elisava Alumni organizes activities related to the promotion of networking, visits to unique spaces, career development or the professional cases of Alumni. All activities are open to members of the ELISAVA community, but in those where there are limited places the Alumni Bold have access preference. If you want to know more about the activities planed by Elisava Alumni, please check Alumni Activities


Lifelong Learning at ELISAVA

Alumni Bold members will enjoy a 15% overall discount on the following courses:

  • Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees
  • Master’s Degree (Official Programme)
  • Summer School
  • Expert Courses
  • Capsules of Knowledge

Language training at the CIC

The Alumni Bold can enjoy a 10% discount on the catalog price in the language courses offered from the centres of the CIC - Language School of Via Augusta, Gràcia and Sant Cugat.

Showing the Alumni Bold digital card is a must in order to access these discounts.


Online training in SHIFTA

Alumni Bold can enjoy a 15% discount on any of the programmes offered by SHIFTA, the Online School of Digital Creators promoted by ELISAVA.

Now you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online training to expand and update your knowledge.



La Capell: Alumni Bold will enjoy special prices and conditions for the products of La Capell. The Alumni Bold digital card must be displayed to prove that you can access these discounts.

Showing the Alumni Bold digital card is a must in order to access these discounts.


Martillo: 10% discount on laser cutter and co-working space.

Hotelius Club: 10% discount on Hotusa group hotels, to access discounts, contact

Other discounts: These discounts (to exhibitions, festivals, etc.) will be detailed and notified by email as they are agreed with Elisava Alumni.

Support to Alumni and their Projects

Exhibition Space at La Capell

La Capell puts at the disposal of Alumni Bold a space to exhibit their projects and it assumes the compromise to commercialize them if they meet the legal requirements regarding quality and minimum stock. The selection of products will be carried out through an annual competition.


Communication Support

From Elisava Alumni, we will give visibility to relevant projects and awards that Elisava Alumni may get if they fit the goals of the Association. From the Former Students Association we are constantly changing, we work to reach new future projects in order to benefit Elisava Alumni. If you think you may need any service we don't have, please, contact us at


ELISAVA Entrepreneurs Programme

Specific program to promote networking and encourage the collaboration of this alumni group. Among other actions, the ELISAVA space has been set up at the Almogàvers Incubator (Barcelona Activa Business Nursery), where several Alumni startups can be incubated with the support of Barcelona Activa. More information to be able to participate here.


Remember that, in order to enjoy all these benefits, you must be Alumni Bold.