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ELISAVA is a reflection of its students. Year after year, the school incorporates new services to expand and promote the benefits for our students’ personal and professional development. The School gives global advice on technical issues, scholarship applications, company internships and the choice of an international destination to pursue their studies.

Open Classroom and Weekends
ELISAVA students have at their disposal the specialised areas of the School, operating under an open classroom policy, and the assistance of specialised personnel outside class hours. Likewise, the School opens some weekends each trimester, coinciding with the period prior to exams, so that students can access materials in the library, the computer service and the models and prototypes workshop.

Student Services and Information
Its main mission is to address concerns and questions from students and future students of the School, and to coach them throughout their stay. ELISAVA also manages visits to schools, information sessions and open days. The School manages personal interviews with the various programme heads of university degrees and the programme directors of Master’s and postgraduate programmes.

University Card
The school gives students a university card that allows them access to all facilities and services, and stay connected to the ELISAVA community, enjoying a plan of benefits and discounts in various establishments.


Student Welfare Office

ELISAVA offers all students an advisory service on issues related to city life and guidance on matters not related with academy, but essential for the personal development of the student.


International Student Identity Card
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only card for international students and it is recognized by the UNESCO. This identity card, that prove your student status around the world, works as a real “passport” in terms of national and international mobility. 
You can acquire the ISIC at ELISAVA’s Welfare Student Office (3rd floor), from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This card costs 9 € and it is valid for one year + one month after the date of issue. More info at

International Relations
ELISAVA has a high degree of internationalisation which is evident in the exchange relationship it has with over exchanges 60 schools in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The International Relations Service promotes and supports the mobility of our students through its various programmes.

Company Internships and Job Pool
Students entry into the business world is reflected in the approach of our Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and continuing education. The School encourages students to sign up for supervised internships in companies and institutions. Internships are carried out under the guidance of tutors who are responsible for ensuring their quality. They undertake constant monitoring, assisted by the internships unit, which reports to the Academic Management Unit. After completing their programme, students have access to a job pool thanks to strong links with important Spanish and international companies.

Academic Management Unit
This department is responsible for processing all applications for students’ school transcript and academic history, and carry out the procedures related to the different sections (internship pool, international relations, etc.). It also manages and coordinates teaching activity and acts as a nexus of relationship-interaction between the coordinators, teachers and students, serving the entire ELISAVA community.

Multimedia Equipment Rental Service
The development of academic activity involves carrying out many different kinds of jobs that require the multimedia materials which the School supplies to students.

Virtual Campus
ELISAVA has a web tool for consulting and reviewing notes, class or exam schedules, teaching information management, delivery and collection work, surveys, password change and recovery, registration documentation and academic management information.

Personal e-mail
Communication is a key factor for linking together the ELISAVA community. That's why every student and every teacher has a personal e-mail address of the School.

Publications and Activities
For over 25 years, ELISAVA has published a trilingual scientific journal Temes de Disseny (Design Issues), which contributes to driving discussion in this sector and supporting the educational work carried out. The School also communicates its activities and events via e-notes, a bimonthly newsletter sent to more than 30,000 people worldwide.

Livestream Channel
The School is an active cultural platform. To get its message out, ELISAVA has a Livestream channel that allows users to access all master classes given by internationally relevant figures, live or recorded.

Bicycle parking
ELISAVA has a modern indoor parking for bikes with an anchoring system on the wall ready to hang up to 10 vehicles of this type. Both students and teachers and school staff can use this equipment.

Storage room
ELISAVA provides a storage service that takes care of the objects owned by School staff and students.

Enric Bricall Library
The Enric Bricall Library is a leading service for supporting research, teaching and investigation, as well as the training of future professionals in the worlds of design and engineering. Its services are available to the entire ELISAVA community and industry experts.