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Incoming Students


Internationalisation and cooperation with other universities are extremely important issues for the ELISAVA educational project. In this framework, the school actively promotes exchanges with European universities, primarily in the scope of the Erasmus+ programme, and with institutes on other continents through specific bilateral agreements.

Admission requirement

Students at institutions with whom ELISAVA has signed a bilateral agreement can apply for a place in an exchange programme. The length of the exchange varies between a minimum 3-months period and a maximum 9-months period.

Academic structure

Admission process

To be accepted as an exchange student at ELISAVA, you will need to:

Phase 1. Nomination

Phase 2. Aplication

Phase 3. Admission

Phase 4. Orientation and enrolment



Classes are taught in Spanish and Catalan and, in the majority of cases, exchange students are tutored in English by the professors.

Although it is not a reason for exclusion for your participation in the exchange, it is very recommendable to have at least basic or intermediate knowledge of Spanish, as well as English.

ELISAVA does not offer language classes but, in the download area of this page you can find a list of language school in case you want to improve your linguistic skills.


In order to facilitate accommodation for non-local and international students, ELISAVA has agreements with different residence halls andaccommodation services that offer special conditions for its students.

Check the list of residences and hosting services with agreements with the School 

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Visas and residency permits

ELISAVA does not process student visas and/or resident permits for incoming students.

If you do need a visa or resident permit for Spain, you should contact your country’s diplomatic relations departments for Spain as soon as possible to find out the conditions and timelines for applying for and receiving these documents.

Academic fees and expenses