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Visiting University


ELISAVA offers students from any university in the world the opportunity to supplement their education with a course tailored to their curriculum and academic requirements.

The content and duration of the programme can be chosen and adapted to the educational requirements of degree or post-graduate courses so that they can be recognised and officially approved at each student's educational institution of origin.

In addition, these programmes enable interaction between the teachers from each school, strengthening bilateral exchanges and research programmes. Thanks to the diversity and specialisation provided by the more than 700 teachers working at ELISAVA, courses can be taught in any language and can cover any area in the disciplines of design, engineering, and architecture.

For further information: Carla Casas



Landscape Design Appreciation 2015

This module aims to introduce basic principles and design methodologies on landscape appreciation, through discussions on world-wide famous landscape sites and projects.


Living with Sustainable Materials 2015

The intention is to give a solid materials knowledge with a focus on both conventional materials and sustainable & multi-purpose materials, and to broaden the knowledge of sustainability concepts from a socio-cultural perspective.


A Contraluz 2015

The workshop aims to develop real projects in architecture and interior design located in Barcelona. The workshop is accompanied by interesting visits to works and architecture studies in Barcelona with special recognition and interest.


Workshop A CONTRALUZ II 2015