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Scholarships and grants

Scholarships awarded by ELISAVA

Fahrenheit Scholarship. Burn your Portfolio

By obtaining this grant, students will be able to study for free the Master in Design and Art Direction, the Master in Advertising Design and Communication or the Master in Audiovisual Creativity from ELISAVA.

Other scholarships

You can check information related to other grants and financial assistance at the following list:

Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR)
T. + (34) 93 310 63 94
Pg. Lluís Companys 23 · 08010 Barcelona


MAE-AECID Grants - Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID)


Ministry of Education


Pompeu Fabra University
Section of grants and financial assistance


Fundación Colfuturo


Grants awarded by the Government of Mexico