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Basic data


Postgraduate Degree in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project, awarded by ISEC Lisboa Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências.



ECTS Credits



Spanish or English


1.800€ (without pre-registration fee)


ELISAVA presents, together with the Lisbon Institute of Education and Sciences (ISEC), TGRAF ISEC and Elisava Research, the Postgraduate Degree in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project for Master students with higher university degrees.

This is a complementary programme to the Master students in order to achieve the academic/scientific skills in management and development of an applied research through design (60 ECTS credits). So that, as a complement to all its Masters, ELISAVA offers a theoretical/experimental postgraduate that seeks to help the student to acquire the following skills:

  • Ability to manage the information of an applied design project.
  • Ability to communicate from a scientific point of view. 

By doing so, the students get to broaden their professional or academic opportunities in order to:

  • Take part in professional research teams in companies with I+D+I departments. 
  • Teach as an accredited specialized professor.
  • Apply to a PhD programme.

The postgraduate takes place in Barcelona with the support of an ISEC's tutor and in parallel to the ELISAVA's Master, either in English or Spanish, depending on the student's preferred language.

The assessment of the programme revolves around the Master's Final Project (TFM) that students develop for their Master in ELISAVA. Thus, students will have to write a second descriptive memory for their TFM, besides the one that is submitted in ELISAVA presenting the results from a scientific perspective.